2015 Clansman & Clanswomen: Dan Casey & Dolores Connolly 

Dan grew up in Dumbarton, Scotland where he served a five year apprenticeship as a Tool & Die Maker/Designer. Shaped by the stories of this youth where most of the men found work at the local shipyards and the women worked at the Singer Sewing Machine company in Clydebank, he grew up instilled with a deep respect for the value and dignity of work, exactitude in all things - especially speech and kinship for all - not just family and friends. 

In 1959 Dan came to the US with his close friend, Donald Smith, who grew up on the Isle of Mull,  both having completed a their 5 year apprenticeships as Tool + Die Maker/Designers.   In 1969, two years after graduation from Marquette University as a Mechanical Engineer, Dan and Donald founded Sterling Engineering.   Built on a commitment to quality, respect for clients and a commitment to employees the company gained a reputation as a quality brand with both clients and employees alike.   Scottish traits of substance, understated, fairness, integrity, loyalty and appreciation were the foundation that shaped the success of what Sterling Engineering is today.    Headquarter in Westchester, IL, with over 500 employees, Sterling celebrates its 46th anniversary working in 19 states and 7 countries globally.   Today Dan serves as Chairman of the Board, his wife Dolores is the CEO and has been active in the day to day running of the business for the past 18 years.    

Besides being successful in business Dan and Dolores also very active on many philanthropic initiatives, especially those involving social justice issues – a link back to their Celtic roots.     Dan has served on the Board of the Ill. St. Andrew’s Society for over xxx years.  Together Dan and Dolores have engaged in many cultural events including serving as co-chairs of the Feast of the Haggis in 20??    Having attended the Robert Burns Supper in Chicago in January 200?, they took a long awaited trip to Sierra Leone to visit Dolores’ sister, Paula, who was working as a humanitarian worker with Concern Worldwide.  Within 2 days they found themselves at another more memorable Burns Supper surrounded by a motley crew of Humanitarians, Sierra Leoneans and British Army officers many of whom came from Scotland – a true testament to Scottish influence and global footprint - Burns would have loved it!  

For over a decade Sterling’s employees (many of whom come from different parts of the world) learned about Scottish culture first hand as they attended the annual company picnic at the Highland Games.  Theydon’t always remember the projects they worked on but often look back fondly on those  memories of good times shared with family,  sheepdog trials, rugby, dancing,  singing and a strong sense of camaraderie that is so much a part any Scottish gathering.

Besides being successful in business together, Dan and Dolores are also very active on many philanthropic initiatives, especially those involving social justice issues – a link back to their Celtic roots.  Dan also serves as a Global Scot helping the next generation of Scottish entrepreneurs build success when they can. 

Dan is also very active within J Street, a political organization committed to bringing peace to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, as well as supporting education scholarships for African Americans through his alma mater Marquette.  

Dolores serves on the Board of Concern Worldwide USA as well as the Chicago Human Rights Watch Committee and is a member of the International Women’s Forum.    They are both active members of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.   Locally they support many poverty initiatives including hunger and homelessness.

The Illinois St. Andrew’s Society ranks among the organizations where they and their family feel they have gained much more than they have given.   Recent trips to Scotland with children and grandchildren have built an awareness and appreciation for how enriched we all are by that little country whose core values have shaped all of our lives and are more relevant today than ever before.     

The family are deeply honored that Dan and Dolores have been chosen as the 2015 Clansman and Clanswomen. 

Dan & Dolores accepting their awards alongside the Heather Queen at the 2015 Feast of the Haggis. 

Dan & Dolores accepting their awards alongside the Heather Queen at the 2015 Feast of the Haggis. 


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2015 Dan Casey 


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2015 Dolores Connolly