our strategic plan - best qualities of the scots 

When the world around us changes on a dime, it is comforting to know that some things remain constant. Things like the BEST QUALITIES OF THE SCOTS. These qualities include our belief in education, enterprise, the equality of every individual and every opportunity, freedom of all kinds, patriotism, resourcefulness and taking care of people in need. Whether you're Scottish by birth, by heritage or simply by inclination, if you believe in these qualities, then you are part of our Scottish family. These qualities inform and direct everything we do today, everything we'll do tomorrow and everything we've done throughout our history as the oldest charity in Illinois. 

Our Scottish Society is multi-faceted, ever-evolving and always vital. And yet we CHICAGO SCOTS are the keepers of the eternal values that make Scottish identity steadfast and true. Our Society's purpose is, has always been and will always be, to transmit from one generation to the next, the proud assurance of what it means to be Scottish. We understand that the more we can examine and learn from our past, the better, more purposeful and enlightened our future. So if you believe that there's a bond between past and future, or if you appreciate Scotland and Scottish things, we invite you to read our exciting plan for the future - a plan that is built upon the BEST QUALITIES OF THE SCOTS