The Scottish Business Forum was founded in 1996 by a group of expat Scots and U.S. business people to promote trade, investment and professional development related to Scotland. The Scottish Business Forum has become the premier networking venue for Chicago area professionals who have an interest in Scotland and representatives of more than 300 companies conducting business between Scotland and the United States.

The Scottish Business Forum's mission is: to create a Chicago based forum for those who either have or seek to have a connection with Scotland, wherein linked goals of both promoting business/professional development and expanding social interests can be achieved. Our actions should result in a greater understanding of where opportunities lie for Midwesterners to commence or augment business activities related to Scotland as well as allowing Scots residing in this area to benefit from a wider circle of contacts and acquaintances. 

Past Distinguished Guest Speakers include:

  • Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, Leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party
  • Hugh Grant, Chairman and CEO of Monsanto Company
  • Lord Robertson, during his tenure as Secretary-General of NATO
  • Jay Stewart, former Chairman and CEO of Morton Salt
  • His Excellency, Seiichiro Otsuka, Ambassador of Japan to the US and Japan's former Consul General in Edinburgh
  • Several lords Provost of Glasgow and Edinburgh



The Scottish Law Society fosters professional and academic exchange between the legal communities of Chicago and Scotland.

The mission of our Scottish Law Society is: is to nurture the competent, ethical and professional practice of law in support of the constitutional freedoms, equality and dignity of each individual, consistent with the common principles of Scottish and American jurisprudence.

The Scottish Law Society:

  • Fosters collegiality among Scots and Scots-American attorneys of the metropolitan Chicago area
  • Provides assistance to member attorneys seeking to engage in transactions including Scots and Scottish business in the United States and to Americans and American businesses seeking to engage in transactions in Scotland
  • Enhances, refines and improves the health and well-being of Chicago's Scottish community in all aspects of the legal system
  • Hosts an event to present the Judge William J. Bauer International Justice Award to a member of the Scottish American legal community whose contributions to, or accomplishments in the field of law are worthy of recognition by his or her peers. The award is a solid silver quaich (a traditional Scottish drinking cup) supplied by Edinburgh's Hamilton & Inches, Scotland's Royal Silversmith

Membership Dues:

  • Regular Membership: $100.00 per person annually
  • Chief Justice John Marshall Club: $250.00 per person annually


The Scottish American History Forum records, teaches and celebrates Scottish experience and achievement in the Chicagoland area. The History Club's mission is to promote knowledge and investigation of Scottish history. Meetings held in Heritage Hall and the Scottish Home are at 10:00 a.m. on the first of each month except for July, August and December.

The Scottish American History Club Newsletter is available quarterly. You can find newsletters on the web as they become available.


The Society's Scottish American Museum is unique - the world's only Museum that is dedicated to telling the stories of Scottish journeys and contributions to, experience and accomplishment in North America.


The Scottish American Hall of Fame is the highest honor the national Scottish American community can pay. The Hall of Fame recognizes Scottish accomplishments in and contributions to life in North American and, as a result, articulates what having Scottish identity means.

SCOTTISH Arts & culture

As important cultural icons, Scottish music and dance are distinctive and have incredible appeal across generations and cultures. As well as hosting piping and dance lessons and rehearsals at the Scottish Home and showcasing music and dance at our events, the CHICAGO SCOTS support the local Scottish cultural groups to host dance workshops, attend competitions and championships in both Scotland and North America. 

  • PIPING: Jim Sim, President, Midwest Pipe Band Association
  • DANCE: Leslie Gillan, Gillan School of Highland Dance (Gurnee, IL) 
  • DANCE: Nancy Strolle, Thistle and Heather Highland Dancers (Downers Grove, IL)
  • DANCE: Emily Brooks, Highland Dance Academy of Chicago (Chicago, IL)


Please contact Carey Smith, Director of Programming, CHICAGO SCOTS