2017 Chicago Scots Board of Governors:

David S. Fleming, Chair
Gus R. Noble, President

The Honorable William J. Bauer
James Bell
James Buik
Daniel Casey
Erna Colborn
Caroline P. Cracraft
John M. Crombie
Edward L. Diamond
Frazer Donaldson

Clark W. Fetridge
Elliot Findly
Allan Garraway
Laurence Geller
Charles A. Gonzalez
Robert B. Graham
Euan Hague
Thomas Jandris
Anthony E. Jones
Andrew Kerr

Alexander D. Kerr, Jr.
Adrian D. Knowles
William C. MacLeod
William G. MacLeod
Paul Melville
Charlie Miller
E. Wayne Rethford
Arch W. Shaw
Nancy L. Strolle
Virginia Van Alyea

For the members of the Chicago Scots, please click on the button below for a downloadable copy of our most recent bylaws.

chicago scots team members

Gus Noble, President
Phone: 708.426.7127

Erin Vlnicka
Phone: 708.426.7127

Lorrie Pena
Phone: 708.426.7103