In 1845, a group of CHICAGO SCOTS established an organization to aid Scottish immigrants to adjust to life in the new world. they formed the Illinois saint Andrew society, the first charitable organization in Illinois, to serve the needy and preserve Scottish customs. 

Today, our society has grown into one of the largest Scottish cultural organizations in the world. we continue to pursue a simple, yet very powerful mission - to nourish Scottish identity through service, fellowship and celebration of Scottish culture. 

Being a member of our Scottish society means being a part of something bigger than ourselves. by joining or renewing your membership of our great society, you will become part of an important tradition and assure that our Scottish culture and values live on for generations to come. 

Our Mission: to nourish Scottish identity through service, fellowship and celebration of Scottish culture

The CHICAGO SCOTS also reach out to the next generation of lives in the Scottish American community by providing scholarships to help bright, talented students pursue academic excellence at universities in Scotland and the United States.

The CHICAGO SCOTS organize and host a wide variety of events to educate, entertain, preserve Scottish customs and promote both traditional and contemporary Scottish culture.

The CHICAGO SCOTS develop and enhance trans-Atlantic friendship and exchange by organizing conference and initiatives to engage the private, public, academic, cultural and not-for-profit sectors in Scotland and North America.

From one generation to the next, our Scottish Society helps to transmit the proud assurance of what it means to be Scottish. By becoming a CHICAGO SCOT you become part of both tradition and evolution. Your membership helps to ensure the enduring relevance of Scottish identity for the generations to come.

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