The Tartan Times is the periodic newsletter of the CHICAGO SCOTS.

On behalf of the CHICAGO SCOTS and everyone at the Scottish Home and Caledonian House, we offer a special thanks to Connie Nestor who worked countless hours interviewing, writing and editing the Tartan Times.

Our newsletter is published online in an electronic format.

However, we will be happy to print and send the Tartan Times to members of the CHICAGO SCOTS who prefer to receive hard copy by mail. Members who would like to request a hard copy of the Tartan Times, please contact us at: info@chicagoscots.org

Example Tartan Times Issues

2006 Winter Issue Tartan Times

2014 Spring Issue Tartan Times

2015 Autumn Festival Issue Tartan Times- Special Issue

2016 Autumn Issue Tartan Times

2016 Summer Issue Tartan Times

2017 Spring Issue Tartan Times

2017 Summer Issue Tartan Times

2018 Winter Issue Tartan Times