The caledonian house: focused on the future, raising the quality of memory care, creating a new model of living. 

A practical response to alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia are impacting more and more seniors and their families.

You are not alone.

The Caledonian House is a practical response to this challenge, providing a haven of expert care deeply informed by a century of experience. We are here to help.

A culture of caring

The Caledonian House is located on the Scottish Home campus. We're a unique senior living community nestled in five quiet, park like acres just a few miles west of downtown Chicago. We're part of the first and oldest charity in Illinois, which was established in 1845. The Scottish Home has always emphasized warm community, close bonds between residents and staff and strong links to family and friends. 

Home in every way

This isn't your average assisted living memory care facility. It's not an institution with long, daunting corridors. It's truly a home where residents feel valued, loved and purposeful. Each of the Caledonian House's two floors is home to ten residents, all with private bedrooms and full bathrooms, all opening onto a great room where activities take place by the fire side and an open kitchen fills the home with the aroma of home cooking.


Our philosophy of one-on-one care is inspired by the comfort of home and the warmth of family. Caregivers in the Caledonian House are cross-trained in personal care, meaningful engagement, nutrition and housekeeping. Consistent resident-caregiver interaction builds familiarity, trust and well-being and it encourages residents to remain active, engaged and fulfilled.

Take a look inside:

(photo credit: James Richards IV, DistractYourFacePhotography)

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(photo credit: James Richards IV, DistractYourFacePhotography)

Alzheimer's Association 2016 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures: