About the Heather Queen

The Chicago Scots Heather Queen is a female between the ages of 16–22 years old who is Scottish by birth, has Scottish heritage and/or is actively involved in the Scottish community. During her reign, the Heather Queen serves as a goodwill ambassador of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society by encouraging her peers to explore their Scottish or other cultural identity while promoting Scottish culture in Chicagoland.

Meet Our Heather Queen 2018-2019

Heather Queen Jamie Leigh McGregor Earls at the 2015 Scottish Festival & Highland Games

maggie sim, 2018-19 heather Queen and Highland Dancer

William Shakespeare once wrote, “We all know what we are, but not what we may be.” I know that I am Scottish by blood, but I do not yet know where my Scottish heritage may lead me later in life. However, I do know where my Scottish heritage has led me up to this point. My involvement in Scottish culture has provided me with many ways of enriching my life, as well as providing ways for me to build meaningful connections with people who have a common background. Becoming a Highland Dancer has been an essential part of my journey in discovering more about my Scottish heritage, and it has opened many doors that have led me to incredible opportunities. My identity and involvement as a Scot is important to me because it has provided me with ways to grow in character and leadership. In addition it has also taught me about the importance of understanding the culture, land, and traditions of where my ancestors came from.

As goodwill ambassador of the Society, I would spread awareness of Scottish culture to children and families around the Chicagoland area by reaching out to members of my church, and to preschool programs in my area. I would plan on hosting readings of Scottish children's books, specifically Katie in Scotland , a book that describes a young girl who visits Scotland and sees many famous sites and landmarks in the country, along with the picture book B is for Bagpipes: A Scotland Alphabet , a book that shares the history of Scotland. I would also plan on bringing coloring sheets I’ve designed for the children to complete. These coloring sheets will feature cultural symbols such as the Loch Ness Monster, thistles, and ghillies.

The Illinois Saint Andrew Society’s mission statement highlights the importance of “service, fellowship and celebration of Scottish culture” (Chicago Scots Website). Through my commitment and leadership I will shine a light on Scottish culture. I am someone who is passionate about sharing my culture with others and I wish to inspire others to connect with their heritage as well. Events such as the Highland games are vital in showcasing the spirit of Scotland in the Chicagoland area and I would be honored to represent the Illinois Saint Andrew Society throughout the upcoming year.”

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