Pictured: Society Governor Bill G. MacLeod, Illinois Senator - Assistant Majority Leader, Maggie Crotty, & Maureen Mulhall.

To celebrate the Society’s 150th anniversary in 1995, the Board of Governors committed to undertake the design and registration of a proprietary tartan. Governors’ input was sought, and much thought was given to what an appropriate combination of colors might be.

The Governors chose a field of blue and white, representing the flag of Scotland. White was also reminiscent of the Illinois state flag’s background. Green was incorporated for its representation of the Scottish homeland and a touch of red was a nod to the red, white and blue of the United States flag. Finally, a strand of gold for its association with the eagle on our state flag.

A woven sample, showing the full sett, or pattern, was submitted to the Council of the Scottish Tartans Society, part of the Scottish Tartans Museum, in Perthshire, Scotland. It was checked against some 2,185 different setts on file in order to determine its originality. Once this process was satisfactorily completed, the Illinois Saint Andrew Society Tartan was accredited and recorded for perpetuity.

Today, the CHICAGO SCOTS are proud to wear our distinctive Tartan to celebrate our Scottish American identity. Our tartan has truly become the signature of the CHICAGO SCOTS.